Assassin For Hire
Rayne Forrester
Female, 27, Assassin
Skilled at killing supernatural creatures
Younger sister of "Death" aka Ted Forrester
Has a weak spot for baby animals.
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theexecutionerx sent:

Hello there! Thanks for replying to the thread but unfortunately I don't do unplanned group threads. Sorry!

I understand, these guys can be a real handful.

On an unrelated note, Jason has a guest over. And all I can hear is his bedpost slamming off my wall.



"I’m sorry, you’ve done what?”


"It was an accident ma petite. Asher and Rayne have taken care of most of the damages and no one was permanently harmed. I should have known better than to request Jason perform any handwork around The Circus.”

"Would you look at this Asher? He’s trying to blame poor Jason after I TOLD him we needed a taller ladder.”

I need


some Anita Blake canons or originals to rp with me. If anyone is interested, please contact me. We can talk. I even know where you can find audiobooks of the series on youtube. :D

I’ve got Asher, and JC on speed-dial. Say the word and I can hook you up.

Get in loser // open rp



"We’re going hunting"

Is it that time of year again already?

Reblog if you RP a character from the Anita Blake series.


Genderbents and OCs welcome.

Find your fandom here.

Accidentally broke a vamps jaw tonight.
JC is not happy.

I ate way too much.
Time to work it off.



My blog. How exciting.

I just got back from a three year stay in Tanzania, so forgive me if I don’t know how to do some things on here. I haven’t had much time for idle internet exploration recently.

Oh man I’ve missed you so much. We have to hang out…

JCs got me moving fucking coffins all week since we have company. I swear if there was any more air in his head….
I’m so glad you’re keeping busy though!
Your schedule have St.Louis in it any time soon?

Asher is stomping around grumpy as hell and its really cute.